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Jet-Pack Flight at Grand Canyon - Amazing! (1:15)

'"Houston, We Have a Problem!'" - Secret Yugoslavian Space Program: Film Trailer (3:41)

'Alien Planet' - Full Documentary (1:33:43)

'Disaster at Chernobyl' - Full Film (46:41)

'FastWalkers' - Full Film (1:37:27)

'Garbage Warrior' - Full Length Documentary (1:27:41)

'Hackers: Outlaws and Angels' - Full Length Documentary (49:05)

'Hunt for the Unabomber' - Full Film (47:27)

'Is Nuclear Power Safe?' (57:17)

'The Age of Transitions' (58:29)

'Transcendent Man: Prepare to Evolve' - Segment from Documentary (40:01)

(Tiny) Reconfigurable Robots at MIT (3:13)

17 Egyptian Pyramids Found by Infra-Red Satellite (1:29)

1982-2012: China and the US - Then and Now (41:40)

2012: Russian Inventor's Indestructible Escape Pod (3:07)

2045: A New Era for Humanity (7:15)

29 Years Old and Hearing Herself for the First Time (1:31)

3-D-Printing Derby the Dog’s Legs (3:04)

3D Printer Produces Organs for Transplant (1:33)

3D Printer: Copies 3D Objects (4:27)

8 Month Old Deaf Baby's Reaction To New Cochlear Implant (:50)

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out (58:51)

A Country with No Water: Fahad Al-Attiya (8:47)

A Metabolic Switch that May Help Diabetes Treatment (4:04)

Acoustic Kitty: CIA Installed Listening Device in Cat (1:14)

AIR FRANCE: All-Female Crew (4:43)

Airjelly (1:41)

Alan Bond: Aviation Breakthrough = Travel to Anywhere on Earth within 4 hours (3:22)

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized (9:38)

Alien Nanotechnology? (8:21)

Aliens Working Alongside Humans (9:32)

AlphaDog: Prototype Giant Dog Robot (1:25)

Amish: A Secret Life (59:05)

Ancient Computer - Full Film (49:10)

Apple II Forever (1988) (28:40)

Aquarius: The Undersea Laboratory (4:23)

Are Organic TVs the Way of the Future? (2:24)

Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power? (2:10)

Area 51 Scientist's Story (39:29)

Art = "Life" (2:38)

Atlantis: The Lost Continent (1:35:57)

Attack of the Sun (24:01)

Audi Piloted Driving: It's a Brave New World (3:34)

Awesome: Space Station Commander Gives Zero G Tour of ISS (25:05)

B2 Bomber and Electrogravitics Declassified (9:45)

Better Batteries through Biology (1:26)

BigDog (1:56)

Biometrics Battle (12:50)

Bionic Elephant Trunk (1:36)

Bizarre Billionaire: Brain Injuries (9:30)

Black Budget Aircraft Curator Michael Schratt (1:11:55)

"Black Friday": The Police State is in Effect (10:48)

Breakdown of the Russellian Science TEC - Unit 4 (3:56)

Breakdown of the Russellian Science TEC - Unit 5 (4:28)

Bridges that Are Alive (4:09)

"BuildingWhat?" (:31)

Caroline Moore: Youngest Person to Discover a Supernova (1:31)

CGI Award-Winning Animated Short Film HD: "CALDERA" (11:24)

Chemtrails and Chembombs Cause Hurricane Isaac to Change Course (4:41)

Chicken Nugget Production Line (2:23)

CLARITY Process: Interview with Karl Deisseroth (4:00)

Cloaking Spray in Development at Univerity of Michigan (2:50)

Code Rush: A Crucial Moment in Internet History (56:09)

Colorado Fracking Site Flooding (4:20)

Colossal Telescope Transporter (5:28)

Complex 3D DNA Structures Created (2:10)

Computers Rig Elections (11:59)

Cornell Scientists Make Things Disappear (1:22)

Credit Card-Sized Lab: Microfluidics (4:11)

Curiosity: Mars Mission Set to Land this August (5:22)

D.U.M.B.s (8:01)

Danny Hillis: The Internet Could Crash. We Need a Plan B (12:32)

DARPA Cheetah Sets Speed Record for Legged Robots (:58)

Deep Ocean Mysteries and Wonders (8:28)

DHS Molecular Laser Scanners (3:02)

Did You Know There Were this Many Satellites in Orbit Around Earth? (1:14)

Do We Need Anonymity Laws For Surfing? (7:23)

Dragon-Flying! Happy Chinese New Year 2012 (4:11)

Drones (8:33)

Dynamic Earth: Phenomenal Animation (4:27)

Early '90s View of the Future (:31)

Earth's First Trojan Asteroid: Shares Earth's Orbit (1:27)

Electronic Pickpockets: Remote Robbery (4:26)

First Commercially-Available Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer (2:17)

Fly with the Jetman (14:49)

Fractal Metamaterial Demonstration (6:00)

Funny 1967 Film Predicts PC, Online Shopping & Email - Sort of... (1:57)

Gecko Adhesive Fit for Spider-Man (8:22)

Giant Glacier Calves in Greenland (1:20)

Go 4,000 MPH: New York to Beijing in 2 Hrs (6:50)

GRAIL Mission Episode 7: High Heritage Builds High Confidence (3:15)

Graphene: 200 Times Stronger than Steel (2:07)

Graphene: The Next Tech Revolution? (2:29)

Harnessing Nature's Solar Cells (2:50)

Hemp Car - Hemp Clothes - Hemp Building (5:24)

How to Disappear in America (1:24:05)

How to See Around Corners (2:57)

How to Test AAA-D Batteries FOR FREE! Easiest Way for Any Battery Fast, Easy! (1:30)

"In Search Of": 50,000 year old spark plug? (6:44)

Information Liberated: How Digital Media Subverts Government Power (5:59)

Internet Rising: {edu-info-tainment} (53:03)

Introducing Lantern: One Device = Free Data Forever (5:36)

Invasion of the "Grey Goo" (2:33)

Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong? (11:32)

Is the Universe Alive? - Segment (2:10)

Jet-Pack Lift Off 5,000 Feet (with Crash-Test Dummy) (9:39)

KIDS REACT: To Walkmans (7:23)

Last Shuttle Rockets Recovered in the Ocean (11:41)

Limits of Perception (44:33)

Lockheed Martin: Compact Fusion Research and Development (3:58)

Lost Technologies (4:25)

MaidSafe Technology Overview (5:39)

Make A Laser Listener (1:00)

Make Your Own Energy (2:56)

Marc Goodman: A Vision of Crimes in the Future (19:26)

Maverick Flying Car (4:50)

Michio Kaku on the Space Elevator (2:05)

Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) "Bug-like" Drones (4:25)

MIT: Seeing Through Walls (3:46)

MITNews: A New Approach to Water Desalination (1:49)

Moon Landing: "Real" & "Faked" (1:46)

Nano: the Next Dimension (27:04)

Nanofactory Movie (4:51)

NASA Johnson Style - 'Gangnam Style' Parody (3:48)

NASA Scientist: Warp Drive is Possible (2:26)

Neil deGrasse Tyson: We Stopped Dreaming - Part 1 (5:20)

New Land Speed Record Set by a Rocket-Powered Bicycle (0:19)

New Technology Drives Car by Metal, Air and Water (5:01)

Nikola Tesla: Great Minds (9:14)

Nikola Tesla: The Untold Story (42:50)

Officers Friendly: The World's Fastest Police Cars (3:57)

On the Road with the Flying Car (4:15)

"One-Man Shipyard" (2:58)

Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) (7:11)

Paralyzed Woman Uses Mind to Control Her Robotic Arm (1:19)

Phone Phreaks (50:09)

Piranha Unmanned Surface Vessel (1:46)

Public Health Physician Warns of Smart Meter Dangers (2:23)

Purpose of Chemtrails (6:47)

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street (47:49)

Radio-Controlled Round-Up (2:39)

Real Airport Security (7:14)

Real Cloaking Device (:20)

Reinventing the Battery (15:15)

Resonance: Beings of Frequency (1:28:27)

Richard Dolan: Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization (1:07:23)

Robo-Sweat (1:17)

Robot Built to Mimic Human Behavior (2:46)

Robot Hummingbird (1:14)

Romanian Dancing Girls and an Airplane (1:08)

Royal Raymond Rife Suppressed Medical Technology (41:36)

SAIL (3:56)

Shockingly Life-like Female Android (2:15)

Sidekik App (6:29)

Smallest Car in the World (8:58)

SmartConnect Meter Upgrade Completed! (4:33)

SmartInversion: Pulsatory Drive Flight Model (1:58)

Snake Drones! Awesome! (2:34)

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways! (7:00)

Solar Roadways (4:38)

Solar Storms: 5 Reasons to Care Right Now (2:37)

Sony Releases Stupid Piece of Shit that Doesn't Fucking Work (2:31)

Spinning Fibers at the Nanoscale (1:12)

Steve Jobs Explains the Rules for Success (1:29)

Steve Jobs Full Documentary - 2010 (48:02)

Steve Jobs' Commencement Address (15:05)

Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy (59:08)

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing (56:25)

Supernatural Science: Secrets of Levitation (51:22)

Surveillance Society: The Last Word on CCTV (10:44)

Surviving Progress - Trailer (1:59)

Suspect Sky: Best Compilation of UFOs & Aliens I've Ever Seen (30:04)

Synthetic Cuteness: Can You Fall in Love with this Girl? (1:31)

Technology from Extraterrestrials (54:32)

TED Talk by Chemtrails Proponent (16:04)

TED: The Future of Nano-Electric Power Generation (10:21)

TED: The Secret Life of Plankton (6:02)

The 'Grey Goo' (9:57)

The AT&T Employee Who Got Mad (8:02)

The Bionic SmartBird (1:48)

The Boeing X-37B Lands - Another to Take-Off Next Month (1:17)

The Car that Flies Itself! (2:43)

The Cicret Bracelet: Like a Tablet...but on Your Skin (2:45)

The Cubli: A Cube that Can Jump Up, Balance, and 'Walk' (2:37)

"The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology" (1:08:33)

The ET Reality in 2013 (32:04)

The Flying Car (5:57)

The Highest Ranking Politician who Believes in Aliens (36:20)

The History of HAARP (10:28)

The Internet of Things Europe: Imagine Everything Were Linked... (3:02)

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (1:45:00)

The Machine that Changed the World: 1. Giant Brains (1992) (55:41)

The Machine that Changed the World: 2. Inventing the Future (1992) (57:29)

The Machine that Changed the World: 3.The Paperback Computer (1992) (55:16)

The Machine that Changed the World: 4.The Thinking Machine (1992) (56:58)

The Machine that Changed the World: 5. The World at Your Fingertips (1992) (56:53)

The NeoCube: Why We Didn't Hang Out Last Night (1:36)

The Philadelphia Experiment 2012 - Full Film (1:25:01)

The Pyramid Code (3:32:44)

The Reality Show President: Inside the White House PR Machine (11:57)

The Robot Wars (1:27)

The Role of U.S. Airports in Disease Epidemics (1:02)

The Royal Rife Story (9:51)

The Skin Gun (3:28)

The Space Elevator (9:50)

The Spy Files: Cyber Intelligence Made Easy (2:22)

The TRUTH About the Aurora Hypersonic Jet (4:27)

The Truth Behind the Energy Lie: What the Energy Cartels Don't Want You to See (1:08:50)

They Want Your Soul: The Global Information Grid & You (16:58)

Thirty-Year Earth Time Lapse (4:39)

This Flying Car is Real and it Can Fly 430 Miles on a Full Tank (3:53)

Top-Secret US Space Plane in Orbit for More than a Year (:33)

TrapWire: Spying on YOU? (7:04)

Turd Burgers! (2:25)

Turn a Loved One into a Diamond (2:55)

UFOTV Presents: The Message of the Pleiadians (33:51)

UK's Sabre Rocket Engine Could Open Up Access to Space, as Never Before (1:21)

Underwater Icicle 'Finger of Death' (2:14)

Unlocking the Power of Nanomaterials (2:09)

Want to Control the Plane You're Flying in? Don't Worry, There's an App for That! (0:21)

What Happens After You Flush? (10:03)

Why the Future is Better than You Think (15:33)

WiFi in Schools: Behavioral and Cognitive Effects? (27:04)

WiFi Radiation Danger! (7:37)

WikiLeaks Documentary - Full Version (50:55)

Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy (3:58)

Will 3D Printing Change the World? (7:23)

William Pawelec: Posthumous Interview Released by Disclosure Project (1:00:16)

Wood Nanomaterial: Clear, Stronger Than Steel, Conducts Electricity (1:08)

World's Top 3 Humanoid Robots (9:11)

Wozniak: Danger that Internet Becomes Tool for Govt Control & Surveillance (27:19)

X-51A Hypersonic Waverider Test: "Total Failure"? (1:32)

Your New Home! (Just Kidding) (2:09)

Zecharia Sitchin: Are We Alone? (55:29)

Zehst: Hypersonic Plane Fueled by Hydrogen + Algae (1:19)

Zombie Exoplanet: Hubble Data Revives Fomalhaut B (2:08)

‘The Two-Thousand-Year-Old Computer’ - 2012 (58:47)

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