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Due to recent Orwellian developments on the Internet, released publicly about programs that skew pageviews on websites, that have been ongoing for some time, this site, which used to be highly profitable has gradually been earning less and less. Currently, it can now barely sustain itself from ad income, based on search engine results and newsletter traffic, despite the site's subscribership being at an all-time high. This would make no sense, if there were no hanky-panky going on.

For nearly 5 years, we have striven to keep this service free for all - but must now ask for voluntary donations from the viewers who enjoy this site.

The imminent deployment of Google's Knowledge Vault will gravely impact all Alternative News sites, including FKTV. The Knowledge Vault's Artificial Intelligence analyzes data on a webpage. The further that this data deviates from State Propaganda, the lower the search engine results of that page.

Google search rankings will no longer be based on popularity but on an Orwellian, Artificial Intelligence-based "truthiness."

The content on FKTV often deviates substantially from "truthiness."

Please click on the donation button below, which offers many different payment options and donate an amount that you feel comfortable with, whenever you can. You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate, via this button.

If you do not have a PayPal account, look toward the bottom left of the page that opens up, after you click on the button below, to follow those options:

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I'm thunderstruck by the collision of gratitude between FKTV subscribers and myself, right now! I thank all who have sent letters, outpouring with kindness and love; I've literally wept, while reading your words of encouragement and the strong expressions of desire from so many, to keep this service alive. I've also been stunned by those who've spoken volumes by silently donating surprising amounts, ensuring the continued publication of the site for another two or three months.

By then, I will hopefully have devised a new business plan, which will force me to expand this operation beyond just myself...and the truth is, I can't keep doing everything by myself. I need a life, too. We'll just get there, one step at a time.

As soon as I've come up with a new system that pays the bills, this notice and this plea will be taken down. I could never possibly adequately thank all of you, who have chipped in so far!

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'Decoding the Past': Doomsday 2012 The End of Days (3:17)

'Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here' - Book (2:37)

'Presidential Prophecies' - Full Film (45:13)

'The Last Days on Earth' - Full Documentary (1:26:50)

'The Man Who Saw Tomorrow' - Full Film (1:27:18)

'The Soul Travelers' - Full Five Hours (5:11:29)

'While You Were Sleeping - Full (1:23:03)

2012: Earth Magnetic Field Reversal (2:37)

2012: Ophiuchus (6:33)

2012: Pole Shift & Earthquakes (10:58)

2013 Shocking and Inevitable (59:12)

7 Year Tribulation and 4 Blood Moon Tetrad (7:00)

Armageddon: The War Within (62:00)

Asteroid 2012 DA14: Coming this February (1:06:57)

Astrotheology (1:03:06)

Billy Meier: 'As the Time Fulfills' - Trailer (1:01)

Billy Meier: UFO Photographer & Notorious Pleiadian Contactee (1:36:13)

Charles Manson (43:09)

Clarity In the Court of Hell - Part 1 (10:22)

Dolores Cannon's Revelations: New Earth, Frequency, ET Souls, Waves, How to Shift? (47:48)

ExoVaticana: Vatican Prepares for our Alien Savior (3:00)

Fallen Angels Return: The Hollywood Agenda (30:08)

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Swamped as Flood Wall Collapses (2:53)

Fukushima Nuclear Waste Headed to California Coast by 2013 (5:48)

Hopi Prophecy: "Three Great Shakings" (10:24)

Imminent Collision of Solar Systems? (15:15)

Iran Nukes, "Chrislam," Toxins In Gulf, El Paso Flu, Tony Blair Foundation!! (20:24)

Israeli Rocket Attack Hit Damascus by Large Explosions (0:40)

It is NOW Time to Leave the City! (14:21)

Jack Wilson: The Ghost Dance (3:49)

Japan Earthquake & Nuke Plant Chaos Predicted by Remote Viewers (2:44)

Major Ed Dames: The End (36:08)

Missing AirAsia Flight Was Predicted, Warned Two Weeks Ago! (3:42)

NASA Admits to Blue Star Kachina! HEO 437 (8:33)

On Astrology (1:18)

Operation Mind Control (10:50)

Polygamous FLDS Leader Bans Romantic Relations (1:43)

Prediction for the Next 18 Months (7:53)

Problems in April Predicted by Astrologer Jaffer (4:21)

Super Bowl XLV False Flag Terror (53:31)

The Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy (5:47)

The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse (26:27)

The New Madrid Fault: The Sleeping Giant (9:58)

The Tombs of El Mirador (3:44)

The.Silent.Revolution.of.Truth. - Trailer (1:03)

UFOs And The Breakaway Security State: Black Budget & ET Politics - Joseph Farrell (1:31:57)

US Will Not Survive Says Hopi Elder (6:37)

Wargasm (3:24)

World War 3 Illuminati Antichrist Conspiracy! (10:52)

Zeta Movie: Earth Changes and the Pole Shift (2:37:40)

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