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Police State


'American Drug War: The Last White Hope' (2:01:49)

'Deathbed Testimony' About UFOs Given by Former CIA Official 2013 (17:08)

'Dirty Electricity' (9:25)

'Esoteric Agenda' (2:03:55)

'Gasland' Director, Josh Fox Arrested at Congressional Hearing on "Fracking" (11:41)

'History's Secrets: J. Edgar Hoover' - Full Film (47:13)

'Illegal Everything' - Full (42:03)

'Into the Fire' - Full Documentary (2:03:47)

'One Nation Under Siege' - Full Film (1:21:30)

'Orwell Rolls in His Grave' - Full Documentary (1:45:26)

'The Intelligence War' - Full Film (47:13)

3 NSA Veterans Speak Out on Whistle-Blower: We Told You So (9:12)

3 Reasons to Lose The Dept. of Homeland Security (2:25)

9/11 Pentagon Attack: Behind the Smoke Curtain (3:04:48)

9/11: Echoes of Darkness (16:51)

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold (2:06:02)

a/k/a Tommy Chong (1:23:39)

Ai Weiwei's First Major US Show Has Everything but the Dissident Artist Himself (5:48)

Ai Weiwei: Without Fear or Favor (50:58)

Airport Body Scanners Can See Your Junk (1:11)

Airport Body Scanners: The New Porn? (1:00)

Alex Jones Interviews Aaron Russo (1:09:24)

Alleged Bomb Plots (5:28)

America is NOT Lost (3:57)

American Police State 2014: "If I Wanted America to Be a Dictatorship" (5:39)

Anal Probes Run Amok: Drug-Sniffing Dogs Must Be Stopped (4:18)

Anarchists Not Charged with Anything Got Solitary Confinement (7:10)

Are We Electromagnetic Radiation Guinea Pigs? (6:58)

ARGUS: World's Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Platform by DARPA (4:41)

Assange: "Censorship is an Opportunity" (6:33)

Automotive Police State (8:03)

Battle for the California Desert (9:50)

Ben Swann Reality Check: More Americans "Re-thinking" 9/11? (13:39)

Big Brother Smartphone Surveillance (17:10)

Biometrics Battle (12:50)

"Black Friday": The Police State is in Effect (10:48)

Boston Beta Test for Gun Confiscation/Martial Law (9:17)

Boston Commissioner Gets His Lines WRONG!!!!!!!! (0:17)

Boston Globe Tweet: 'Bomb Squad Activities' Near Finish Line Before Explosions (3:00)

Bradley Manning Audio Leak (1:07:49)

Breaking The Taboo (58:09)

BREAKING! NSA Spying On ALL Americans LEAKER REVEALED To Be CIA Employee (9:52)

Bundy Ranch: "This Is a Problem for All of America" (8:01)

C-SPAN Question: Is The US a Police State? (37:03)

Call the Cops (3:32)

Can the Government Detain You over Facebook Posts? (10:20)

Cannabis Smoke's Health Impacts (2:33)

CBS' Andy Rooney: Implant Microchips in "Safe People" (2:40)

Cell Phones Tracking Your Every Move (2:51)

China's Professional Trolls: the "50 Cent Brigade!" (5:33)

Chris Dorner Waco'ed (9:08)

CIA Admits to Full Monitoring of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Other Sites (9:45)

Clare Daly REBUKES Bootlicking Irish PM on Snowden (8:18)

Cointelpro 2012 (11:00)

CommandSpace® Cerberus (2:48)

Controlling the Web (24:33)

Cops Gone Wild (56:54)

Cops with Drones: Alameda Co., CA Weighs Technology vs. Privacy (8:23)

Counter-Intelligence Part 1 - The Company (1:18:33)

Counter-Intelligence Part 2 - The Deep State (1:25:26)

Counter-Intelligence Part 3 - The Strategy of Tension (55:10)

Counter-Intelligence Part 4 - Necrophilous (1:56:04)

Counter-Intelligence Part 5 - Drone Nation (50:05)

Death by Smart Meter (11:53)

Detained for 19 Days: Immigration Checkpoint Refusal Gone Wrong (9:47)

DHS Funds Installation of White Boxes That Can Track Population of Entire City (2:06)

DHS Molecular Laser Scanners (3:02)

Did Philip K. Dick Disclose the Real "Matrix" in 1977? (4:46)

Do you have Facebook? (5:26)

Domestic Terrorism: Silent Rape (25:13)

Don Kates: A Liberal Against Banning Guns (27:53)

Don't Tread On Me (1:35:45)

Don't Visit Wikileaks Website if You Want a Government Job (2:22)

Drug Crazed: USA (15:47)

Ebola Hoax: 100% Revealed! CNN Caught Paying Crisis Actors - Meanwhile, Connecticut Declares State of Emergency (8:12)

Embedding YouTube Videos May Soon Be a Felony (4:22)

Empire: of Secrets (47:46)

Facebook Censorship: What They're Not Telling You (4:06) NEW!

"Facebook is part of the CIA" "Amazing" (3:24)

Farmageddon (1:26:21)

Feds Hounded 'Net Activist Aaron Swartz, Says EFF's Parker Higgins (8:11)

Female Veteran Arrested and Brutalized After No War With Syria Rally (1:52)

First Snowden Interview on German Television (ENGLISH) (30:23)

FRONTLINE: 'WikiSecrets' - Full (55:41)

George Noory w/ Alex Jones: People Don't Trust Gov't Anymore (42:30)

Get Ready For The "Law" October 2013 To Early Spring 2014? (19:33)

Glenn Greenwald Speaks Out (54:25)

Glenn Greenwald: Full Interview on Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and Spying (14:09)

Good Guns, Bad Guns? U.S. Arms in Reach of Syria Rebels (4:10)

Governments and Corporations Hire Armies of Web Trolls to Sway Public Opinion (7:33)

Hacking Expert Joins Urgent Call to Halt Smart Grid (8:15)

Hard-of-Hearing Man Detained for Photography in Baltimore (15:05)

History of Capital Punishment in the US (4:45)

Holding Border Patrol Accountable: Terry Bressi on Recording his 300+ Checkpoint Interactions (6:52)

Houston Police Use Drones to Spy on Public (4:18)

How to Disappear in America (1:24:05)

"How We Stopped SOPA" by Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) (22:52)

"I'm Going to Prison for Arithmetic": Andrew Auernheimer a.k.a. Weev (8:08)

I'm Little...But I'm a Great Winner (3:32)

IBM VeriChip RFID Implant (8:56)

Imperial Decay (8:51)

Inside The Dark Web - Full Film (58:58)

Internet of Things (2:14)

Interview with Departing NSA Director Gen. Alexander (32:44)

Is WikiLeaks Founder a Patsy? (7:08)

Jeremy Scahill at the Drone Summit (11:52)

Jeremy Scahill's "Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield" (41:31)

Jesse Ventura Sues the TSA (2:27)

Jesselyn Radack Reads Edward Snowden's Statement for EU Parliament Committee (2:59)

Julian Assange: "Edward Snowden, PRISM Leaker Is a Hero" (8:44)

LAPD Drone Knocked Down During LA Kings Stanley Cup Celebration (1:19)

LAPD Officer Captured on Video Pointing Gun at Citizen Journalist (1:07)

Law Professor: Don't Talk to Police (48:40)

Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in US (3:37)

Leuren Moret: North American Union, Homeland Insecurity, False Flags and Fukushima Update (1:19:25)

Light-Based 'Intervention Systems' (:56)

Live from the Bradley Manning Trial with Alexa O'Brien (4:33)

Marc Goodman: A Vision of Crimes in the Future (19:26)

Marijuana Miracle Cure - Part 1 (25:54)

Mark Zuckerberg's Profile - Full Episode (45:18)

Mexico's Drug War (15:30)

Michael Hayden: "Probable Cause" Is Not in the 4th Amendment (1:26)

Michio Kaku: 'If You Oppose The NWO You're Probably A Terrorist.' (4:12)

Military to Gain Power of Indefinite Detention? (12:11)

Mitt Romney: International Man of Mystery (10:01)

Moonshine: Should It Be Legal? (5:57)

Naked Citizens (32:41)

NDAA Now Used By The FBI? (15:01)

NDAA on Steroids: Ebola Death Camps (6:28)

NDAA: Obama Justifies Indefinite Imprisonment of Civilians without Charge (12:08)

North Korea's Secret Prison Camps (4:28)

North Korea: 'Propaganda' (2012) (1:35:52)

NSA Blackmailing Obama? Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice (11:49)

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden: I Don't Want to Live in Society That Does These Things (12:35)

NSA WhistleBlower Talks: Thomas Drake (57:33)

NSA Whistleblower: Greatest Fear is Nothing Will Be Done to Revert Bad Laws (1:35)

NSA Whistleblowers Discuss Escalating Fraud and Abuse of the US Legal System (12:28)

NSA: We Can't Say if We've Spied on You (Because it Would Violate Your Privacy) (4:23)

NYC Department of Education Bans Words Deemed "Offensive" (5:14)

NYPD places full body scanners on the streets (10:10)

Oaksterdam University Raid (2:24)

Obama's Next Assassination Target (4:01)

"Over 400 Military Drones Have Malfunctioned and Crashed Into Homes, Farms And Highways!" (2:47)

Pelosi Booed (:42)

Petraeus Promoted Email Surveillance & Bugging Our Home Appliances (1:58)

Policing the Police (2:28)

Powell Shooting (Cell Phone Camera) (6:31)

Predator Drone Takes The Stand (1:05)

Project for the New American Century (2:40)

PROOF: Sandy Hook Was a Staged Media Hoax Anderson Cooper Knows/Nose (25:57)

Punishment: A Failed Social Experiment - Full Film (1:39:01)

RACR: The LAPD's War Room (3:31)

Raids in Watertown MA Rip Innocent Families from their Homes (6:00)

Remy: Do the TSA Pokey Pokey (2:10)

Reset the Net (1:46)

RFID Chip Can Kill Disobedient Slaves (11:55)

RFID Chip Will Poison and Kill You if You Disobey! (6:27)

Richard Falkenrath on Stuxnet Computer Virus (4:13)

Rise of the Police State: The Transformation of Our Public Police Forces (7:14)

Road Block Freedom (5:04)

Ron Paul to TSA: Traveler Safety NOT the Responsibility of Bureaucrats (5:28)

Santa Cruz Board Questions PG&E - SmartMeter ShutOffs (22:43)

Sarah Palin WikiLeaks Attack (6:44)

Slavery By Consent (1:34:39)

Smart Lights: New LEDs Allow NSA to Spy on Your Every Movement (4:09)

Smart Meters Surveillance Devices Spying on Your Home and Family (4:33)

"Smart Meters" & EMR: The Health Crisis of Our Time - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (43:12)

SPECIAL REPORT: Police Pre-Crime Algorithm Uses Social Media Posts Against You in Real-Time (24:33)

Spy and Deny (8:24)

State Dept. Confronted: 'Press Freedom Day' Hypocrisy? (3:31)

Surveillance Society: The Last Word on CCTV (10:44)

Susan Lindauer Imprisoned for One Year Through the Patriot Act (38:46)

Talk on The Constitution by Michael Badnarik (5:22)

Targeting Doomsday Preppers: Interview with Fernando Salguero (8:20)

Teachers Spying on Students Through Laptop Webcams (1:27)

The AT&T Employee Who Got Mad (8:02)

The Biggest Company You've Never Heard of (2:21)

The Blimp Police (3:28)

The Boston Bombing & Psyops - Part 4 (7:37)

The Boston Bombing & Psyops - Part 1 (15:00)

The Boston Bombing & Psyops - Part 2 (15:00)

The Boston Bombing & Psyops - Part 3 (50:47)

The Dangers of the North American Union (27:45)

The Emperors New Virus? (1:36:12)

The Face of Imperialism and the 99 Percent Solution (24:17)

"The Federal Reserve Runs The Country" (7:03)

The House I Live In - Trailer (2:19)

The Internet of Things Europe: Imagine Everything Were Linked... (3:02)

The Monkey on Your Back (2:38)

The NDAA Explained in 3 Minutes (3:17)

The Right to "Piracy" (5:06)

The Secret History of Silicon Valley (56:32)

The Spy Files: Cyber Intelligence Made Easy (2:22)

The Truthseeker: Boston Bombing - What You Aren't Told (E14) (11:24)

The TSA's 12 Banned Items of Christmas (3:52)

To Protect and Infect: Jacob Applebaum (1:02:43) NEW!

Town Wants to Ban Cameras After Cop's Obama Rant Goes Viral (1:55)

TrapWire: Spying on YOU? (7:04)

TSA: Help Wanted (3:06)

Undercover Police Infiltrator at #OccupyWallStreet (4:20)

US Government Reveals Memo on Drone Killing of Americans (6:07)

US Military Trains for Martial Law (5:33)

Videogames Hacked, Books Censored and Knockout Gas (14:52)

Waco: The Rules of Engagement (2:15:52)

War in Iraq: Authority and Expectations - Full Film (1:35:13)

Watch 2 Canadians Discover That the US Is Now a Police State (9:43)

We're the TSA and You Can Count on Us! (1:04)

What Does it Cost to Change the World? (1:17)

What Is ACTA? (6:32)

What is Greenwald Covering Up? (59:58)

What Really Hit the Pentagon on 9/11? (9:01)

Where Did the Towers Go? (1:16:00)

Why the New World Order Will Fail (9:13)

WikiLeaks, Assange & the End of Secrecy (9:34)

Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy (3:58)

Wozniak: Web Crackdown Coming, Freedom Failing (10:49)

‘Take Back Your Power’ Wins Transformational Film of the Year Award (1:04:05)

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