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According to traffic reporting site, Quantcast, of which my website has a widget installed (and which, as is the industrial norm, under-reports actual traffic by roughly 10%), the unique monthly visitors to my site amounts to 4X the amount of subscribers that I have on my emailing list.

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It's obvious, that Google's counters are incorrect, either by their own doing or by a clandestine government cyber weapon, one of which has been written about by Glenn Greenwald, here: http://bit.ly/1qaz0Oh, as part of the leaks he received.

It is obvious that someone wants to put me out of business - and that they have been successful, insofar as destroying my current business model.

Several other Alternative Media sites have simultaneously experienced defunding, disintegration and massive channel views subtracted from their YouTube accounts.

It appears that the disturbing events that my business has experienced are part of a larger trend, aimed against the Alternative Media, in general.

Over the past several weeks, since this crisis became fully evident and was publicly announced, I've been intensely moved to receive the many kind, loving and appreciative letters - and checks. It makes me feel like I haven't wasted the past 5 years of my life. I am applying this money to migrating my website offshore, onto a secure VPN network. I will also physically move my actual person outside of the United States, as these events have left me feeling that I am personally not safe in this country.

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'60 Minutes' Blows The Lid Off Congressional Insider Trading (15:20)

'97% Owned' - Monetary Reform Documentary - Director's Cut (2:01:23)

'Bitcoins Much Safer than Money in Banks' (4:36)

'Born Rich' - Full Film (1:06:31)

'Capitalism Is The Crisis: Radical Politics in the Age of Austerity' - Full (1:39:45)

'Dollar Valueless, About to Crash' (24:15)

'Dollar Valueless, About to Crash': World Bank Whistleblower (24:15)

'Four Horsemen' - Official Trailer (2:11)

'Illegal Everything' - Full (42:03)

'Inside Job': Academy Award Winner Exposes Deep Corruption on Wall St. (2:21)

'Know Your Money' (3:30)

'Lightbulb Conspiracy' - Trailer (2:23)

'Mafia, What Mafia?' (10:00)

'Money & Life' - Trailer (3:13)

'Money As Debt II: Promises Unleashed' - Full (1:17:29)

'Money as Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money' - Full (1:02:02)

'Preparing For Peak Oil' (5:49)

'Real Estate 4 Ransom' (39:48)

'The Banksters Madoff with America': Scene with Whistle Blower Karen Hudes (17:36)

'The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America' - Full Video (3:25:20)

'The Rockefellers' (2:14:08)

'The Secret of Oz' - Full Documentary (1:56:25)

'The Truth on Dominique Strauss-Kahn, JPMorganChase & The Fall of Geithner' (11:47)

'Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price' (2005) Full Length Documentary (1:37:37)

'War by Deception' (2:28:42)

12/4/14: Jim Willie "The Western Banking Cabal's Stranglehold" (59:01)

3.5 Billion Living in Poverty is 'Fantastic': Kevin Shylock O'Leary (1:12)

9/11: Is It Live or Is It Livery? (1:11:08)

A Little AA Battery 'Trick' (:59)

AARP: Lost Generation (1:45)

Administration Declares War on "Right-to-Work States" (8:33)

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars (43:34)

American Winter - Preview (4:52)

Americans Will Flock Into $5,000 Gold and $500 Silver (7:57)

Argentina's Economic Collapse (2003) (1:54:07)

Banker 'Suicide' Body Count Rising. Why? (9:20)

Banksters & Government Exposed (12:46)

Bernie Madoff: Entire U.S. Government a "Ponzi Scheme" (:55)

Best Speech Ever on UFOs: Richard Dolan (10:18)

Bitcoin & The End of State-Controlled Money (2:21)

Bitcoin, Gold and Silver: Once and Future Money - presentation by Alasdair MacLeod (1:21:01)

Bitcoin: What You're Not Being Told (3:32)

Bitcoins: This Week In Startups (1:04:47)

BitcoinStore.com: A Young Entrepreneur Talks Real World Uses (5:06)

Black 9/11: Money, Motive, Technology, and Plausible Deniability (39:11)

BOOM?: China Buying BILLIONS of US Real Estate (5:36)

Can We Live Forever? (43:09)

Carbon-Trading Mobsters Exposed (4:07)

Catastrophic Outcomes May Come Faster than Expected: James Rickards (34:57)

Catherine Austin Fitts at the Secret Space Program Conference (1:22:35)

Catherine Austin Fitts: 2015 Forecast to be Volatile and Violent (38:45)

Catherine Austin Fitts: Economic Crash-Up & Black Budget Goes Global (2:14:58)

Catherine Austin Fitts: Major Turning Point Comes this Fall (3:56) NEW!

Catherine Austin Fitts: The UFO Economy (1:29:30)

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve (1:30:12)

Chemtrails: How They Affect You and What You Can Do (8:39)

China Rises: City of Dreams (52:45)

Clarity In the Court of Hell - Part 2 (10:50)

Code Rush: A Crucial Moment in Internet History (56:09)

Consumed (53:53)

Corporate Fascism: The Destruction of America's Middle Class (1:41:52)

Could Financial Engineering Cure Cancer? (5:31)

Crony Capitalists vs. Value Makers: Q&A w Max Borders (6:37)

Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview (1:04:00)

DEBT BOMB: The Global Financial Crisis Stripped Bare (3:31)

Debt Limit: A Guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy (3:09)

Defeatism: The Lynchpin of Political Control (5:10)

Divorce Corp: Why the American Family-Court System is Broken (7:53)

Dollar Won't Collapse, NWO = No. Gold From the Philippines Will Bail Out World (6:52)

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (10:48)

Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty - Top 5 Places Where Not To Be (13:09)

Financial ‘Crisis’ in Greece (5:35)

Foster Gamble: Is the Value of Your Money About to Change (23:42)

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary (1:38:54)

Four Horsemen - Full Film (1:38:54)

Franz Hormann and Michael Tellinger: The End of Money and Ubuntu (35:00)

Fukushima = HAARP/Nuclear Attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London Banks: Leuren Moret (1:05:13)

Gold Expert, Harvey Organ: "By December, this Whole thing Is Going to Collapse" (30:27)

Gold Gone? Germany Baffled as Fed Bars Access to Bullion (4:40)

Government Gone Wild! Brother, Can You Spare a Trillion? (3:17)

Hans Rosling: The Joy of Stats (4:48)

Harry Dent: Gold Target $700 or Lower (20:17)

Heist (2:46)

Hidden Secrets of Money: Seven Stages of Empire (30:18)

High Frequency Trading Explained (2:31)

"History is a Sham" (6:26)

Hot Particles & Measurement of Radioactivity (Arnie Gundersen & Marco Kaltofen) (14:58)

How Airlines Make Big Money When Planes Crash (3:56)

How Bitcoin Will End the Nation State - Jeffrey Tucker (17:03)

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood (22:25)

How Its Made: The 2 Euro Coin (5:16)

How Money is Created: Ben Dyson Explains the Debt Crisis (19:46)

How to Buy Happiness: Michael Norton (10:58)

How to Create Your Own Promissory Notes (27:06)

I Am Fishead: How Psychopaths and Antidepressants Influence Our Society (1:18:18)

If it Smells Good Will You Buy It? (4:07)

IMF BOMBSHELL: NWO Coming For Pension and Savings Accounts (7:45)

In Debt We Trust (1:29:14)

Indian Blanket Auction 'Rags to Riches' Story (7:06)

International Confidence in US Economy ‘Crumbling’ After Snowden Leaks (4:43)

IRS Unleashed (3:29)

James Corbett Breaks The Set on The Federal Reserve (7:27)

Jim Willie: Systemic Breakdown & Economic Collapse Guaranteed (21:38)

John Perkins - The Secret History of the American Empire (1:24:24)

John Perkins: We Screwed Up -- But We Can Fix It (22:42)

Karen Hudes Exposes the Coneheads at the Heart of Global Corruption (18:55)

Karen Hudes Predicts "Permanent Gold Backwardation" (34:37)

Karen Hudes Speaks to Freedom Central (50:34)

Keiser Report: Bitcoin Bubble Buzz (E431) (25:53)

Leuren Moret Exposes Fukushima (1:17:05)

Lifting the Veil: Barack Obama and the Failure of Capitalist "Democracy" (43:38)

MaidSafe Technology Overview (5:39)

Max Keiser's Predictions on WWIII and the World Economy (9:14)

Michael Tellinger: Ubuntu Party Elections 2014 (8:56)

Microfinance: Does it Work? (2:10)

Mining CEO Calls on Fellow Miners to Halt Physical Silver Sales to End the Paper Manipulation (15:42)

Minister Farrakhan Exposes International Bankers, Government Debt, & Fall of America (1 of 3) (14:59)

Money & Life - Full Film (1:26:15)

Money Mafia and The UFO Cabal: Major Revelations! Defense Minister Paul Hellyer (54:57)

Money: Defending Your Prosperity (14:55)

Mystery Withdrawals Made From Bank Accounts of MH370 Passengers (1:48)

Niall Ferguson: The Ascent of Money (4:00:15)

Nomi Prins and the Bankster House of Cards (1:26:59)

Obama's Anti-SuperPAC SuperPAC (3:50)

Occult Message in Speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF (7:05)

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (46:22)

Park Avenue (59:04)

Paul Craig Roberts: Triple Bubble Implosion Coming (44:51)

Predictive Programming and the Microchipping Agenda (1:18:06)

Princes of the Yen: Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy (1:32:40)

Project Camelot: Interview with Karen Hudes: World Bank Whistle-Blower (1:56:21)

Protecting Marijuana's $2.7 Billion Cash Industry When Banks Won't (4:48)

Psychological & Economic Warfare (8:27)

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street (47:49)

Reconomy Global Cooperative Crowdfunding (4:30)

Richard Dolan: Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization (1:07:23)

Richest People of the Middle East (45:41)

Richie Rich Gets Richer (28:10)

Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About! (8:49)

Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo (10:41)

Second-Hand Clothes from US: Bustling Business in Haiti (4:02)

SunMoney - The Power of Local Marketplaces (:32)

The 2012 National Debt Road Trip (2:49)

The Banksters, the FDIC and You (4:26)

The Best Kept Secrets of the Dollar (8:28)

The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind: Hidden Secrets of Money - Episode 4 (29:35)

The Black Swan is on the Wing: Message from Oz (0:00)

The Card Game (52:32)

The Carlyle Connection (48:49)

The Crisis of Credit Visualized (11:10)

The Dangers of
Indiscriminate Incorporation - Part 1

The Declaration of Bitcoin's Independence (4:39)

The Declining Dollar and the Rise of the NAU (4:24)

The Essence of the Banking Industry... (1:43)

The Federal Reserve is Above the Law (0:48)

"The Federal Reserve Runs The Country" (7:03)

The Final Looting of America (12:10)

The Financial Coup d'Etat (and How to Overcome It) (14:08)

The Forgotten Wizard
of Free Energy'

The Global financial Crisis with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (10:23)

The Inconspicuous Nests of the Urban Financial Elite (47:43)

The Irish Banking Revolution - YES!!! (8:44)

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Full Film (1:34:09)

The Ka-Ching Dynasty! (26:20)

The Plane Truth: Gas and Gold - Goodbye to the Petrodollar (1:54:26)

The Real Piggy Bank - Vanuatu (15:29)

The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared (6:54)

The Rise of Putin and The Fall of the Oligarchs - Part 2 (50:56)

The Secret World of Gold (42:35)

The True Story of The Bretton Woods (38:17)

Top Secrets of Gold - Full Film (44:12)

Treason Part 1: Casino Capitalism (29:26)

Under Occupation (2:07:53)

Unlocking the Power of Nanomaterials (2:09)

UROKO: The True History of the Banking Cartels and the Federal Reserve (1:27:40)

Voodoo: What They Won't Tell You about the National Debt (4:15)

Wealth Inequality in America (6:24)

What is Bitcoin? (1:37)

What Is Six Sigma? (3:30)

"Who is Rupert Murdoch?" (1:59)

Why Bitcoin Will Be the Next Big Thing: Interview with Jeff Berwick (10:40)

World Bank Scandal & JFK killed over Gold Backed Dollars - Karen Hudes (32:01)

World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession: Karen Hudes (23:44)

World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes (8:38)

Your Birth Certificate Is a Bond: How to Look it Up on the Stock Market (1:04)

Your TV Might Be Watching You! (3:15)

Zeitgeist Addendum (2:03:08)

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward - Official Release (2:41:25)

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