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Mind Control


I See Fake People ~ 9/11 Paradox Deception ~ Traumatic Conditioning forms Optical Illusion (4:02)

'Cults: Dangerous Devotion' - Full Film (1:29:59)

'Flow: Water Privatization' - Full Documentary (1:23:33)

'Inside LSD' (45:24)

'Jonestown: Paradise Lost' - Full Film (1:30:54)

'Making a Killing' - Full Documentary (1:34:43)

'Mission Mind Control' (1979) - Full Film (48:33)

'Orwell Rolls in His Grave' - Full Documentary (1:45:26)

'Political Fraud' by ClassWarFilms (10:16)

'Scientology: The Ex-Files' - Part of Australian Documentary (10:18)

'The Great Culling' - New Teaser (1:53)

'The Great Culling' - Trailer for Documentary Film About Fluoride (9:03)

'The Invisible Machine' - Electromagnetic Warfare (45:29)

'The Marketing of Madness' (2:58:19)

'The Secret History of Western Education - Full (1:15:01)

'The Shock Doctrine' (1:18:38)

'The Stanford Prison Experiment' - Full (29:01)

'TRANCE Formation of America' (1-7) (10:41)

'War Made Easy' Feature Length Documentary (1:13:36)

10 Days in North Korea (47:29)

10 Secret Facts about the CIA (3:12)

A Conversation with Dr. Nick Begich: HAARP (1:01:28)

AARP: Lost Generation (1:45)

Abducted: Documentary on Alien Abductions and Alien Implants (42:03)

Alara on Militarized Remote Viewing (59:56)

Alex Gibney Documentary 'Going Clear' Propaganda (7:49)

Alleged Bomb Plots (5:28)

American Jihadi: Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki (45:17)

Antidepressants: School Shootings and Suicide (7:57)

Apocalypse, Man: Michael C. Ruppert - Part 6 (19:02)

Aquino: PsyOps Devil Worshiper Long Range Takeover and Satellite Microwave Mind Control (7:01)

Are Serial Killers Controlled by a Cult? (3:31)

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: 'Rise and Fall' Documentary Short (8:53)

Bill Hicks - On Marketing (2:43)

BUSTED! Governments Hire Web Trolls to Sway Public Opinion (7:33)

Candy Jones: Sexy Manchurian Candidate (13:30)

Catherine Austin Fitts: Economic Crash-Up & Black Budget Goes Global (2:14:58)

Cathy O'Brien: Free Your Mind Conference 2013 (1:12:03)

Chase Brandon CIA Veteran: "Roswell Happened!" (6:34)

Clarity In the Court of Hell - Part 2 (10:50)

CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (10:01)

Could Your Brain Be Hacked? (2:46)

Crazy Rulers of the World Part 2: 'Funny' Torture (56:36)

Crazy Rulers of the World Part 3: Psychic Footsoldiers (59:02)

Dark City (10:00)

DARPA's iXo Artificial Intelligence Control Grid (20:04)

David Icke Exposes Illuminati Music Industry (10:30)

Deactivate Your Brain's Selected Parts Use Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (4:16)

Death by Smart Meter (11:53)

Deborah Tavares: Scary Info - EMF Mind Control Weapons Being Used on the Global Population (40:23)

Defeatism: The Lynchpin of Political Control (5:10)

Derren Brown: The Experiments (47:46)

Disney Mind Control Exposed (9:51)

Do Tinfoil Hats Really Block Your Brainwaves from Being Read? (3:26)

Domestic Terrorism: Silent Rape (25:13)

Dr. Barrie Trower: Microwave Weapons (35:44)

Dr. Colin Ross MD Speaks About CIA Mind Control (8:37)

Dr. Herbert Spiegel Albarelli on MKUltra: (5:11)

Dr. Judy Wood Interview by Anne Hess (34:42)

Dr. Rauni Kilde: 'The Grande Dame of Consciousness' (1:44:40)

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons (14:34)

Famous Atom Bomb Footage Faked? (7:08)

Fluoridation: Stuff They Don't Want You To Know (6:02)

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - Pt. 1 of 2 (9:59)

From Petty Aussie Criminal to ISIS Jihadi (43:15)

Holograms of UFOs, Religious Figures Tested in Arizona (1:49)

How America Is Like A Bad Boyfriend (2:48)

How Internet Censorship Works (7:10)

Human Cybernization at Q552 Nelson Base: Michael Prince (2:29:24)

Icke: How Public Education Controls Your Perception (4:37)

Is Julian Assange an CIA Operative? (8:12)

Jonestown - CIA Mind Control 1 of 2 (9:45)

Jonestown - CIA Mind Control 2 of 2 (9:45)

Jonestown Massacre: 'Evidence of Revision' (5:27)

Jonestown: The Final Report (44:46)

KGB Agent Describes the Four Stages of a Marxist-Leninist Takeover (8:48)

Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in US (3:37)

Light-Based 'Intervention Systems' (:56)

Major Ed Dames: The End (36:08)

Mankind Research Unlimited: Need to Know (20:00)

MH370: Hijacking the Truth and the Ultimate Fate of its Passengers (44:38)

Microwave Warfare (14:54)

Microwave Weapons, Mind Control and a Secret Dirty War (4:32)

Mind Control - Clinton's Apology (:35)

Mind control and the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (3:27)

MindWar: Paper by NSA Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (8:39)

MK-ULTRA Links To The Sandy Hook Massacre (6:45)

MK-Ultra: CIA Mind Control Project (10:44)

NATO Using Fake Viral "Syrian Hero Boy" Video to Invade Syria (7:44)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) EXPLAINED by Derren Brown (1:15)

Nibiru and the Pole Shift (22:54)

NYPD Caught Editing Brutality-Related Wikipedia Pages (2:24)

Operation Mind Control (10:50)

Parasites Inside You (9:59)

Perfect Turkey Tips (4:17)

Presidential Bioethics Commission - Full HD (45:02)

Priest: Hell Invention to Control People with Fear (3:17)

Project Bluebeam: Satellite Holograms Set to End World Religions? (13:24)

Psychological & Economic Warfare (8:27)

Psywar: The Real Battlefield is Your Mind (1:39:02)

Rense Radio: Google, HAARP & the Hunt for Your DNA (14:46)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, 92 (2:00)

Russian Astronomer, Leonid Elenin Comes Out to Debunk the "Extinction Level Event" Psy-Op (7:17)

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax and Lies - Robbie Parker Fake Actor (2:24)

Secret CIA Psychic Lab (32:08)

Secret Messages: Abductee George Kavassilas (35:28)

Serial Killers: The Military Connection (7:38)

"Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) is Patented Technology" (3:55)

Smile or Die (10:23)

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control - Full Film (2:43:53)

The Assassination of JFK, Jr. (1:48:48)

The Aurora Colorado Shooting Raises Questions (9:21)

The Boston Bombing & Psyops - Part 1 (15:00)

The Brain: A Secret History (59:06)

The Carpenters: Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (4:58)

The Denver, Colorado Shooting: James Holmes (15:10)

The Great Dumbing Down of Humanity and the Depopulation Agenda... (1:12:29)

The Men Who Stare at Goats - Excerpt (54:47)

The Neuro Revolution (18:53)

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) (1:37:07)

The Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project (1:35:21)

The Reality Show President: Inside the White House PR Machine (11:57)

The Reptilian Agenda David Icke and Credo Mutwa (3:33:59)

The Rulers of the World (2:04:10)

The Sandy Hook Psy-Op (20:13)

The Secret Mars Colony (32:32)

The Virginia Tech Massacre - Seung-Hui Cho (17:22)

The Washington DC Snipers - John Allen Muhammad (16:51)

They Want Your Soul: The Global Information Grid & You (16:58)

Tooth Tunes - Electronic Harassment (:31)

U.S. Mind Control Weapons in Iraq (3:54)

Underground LSD Palace (19:21)

USA Inc.: NASA, Depopulation & You (35:57)

Virgin Mary Appears in African Sky: Project Bluebeam Warning? (3:32)

We Have Ways of Making You Talk (53:38)

What is HAARP? (1:02:58)

What No One Wants to Say about Ferguson! (3:43)

Whitey Bulger: The Making of a Monster (24:52)

Who's Running America and the Climate Action Plans (1:35:25)

Why Are Americans So Apathetic? (And What Can Be Done About It?) (1:17:14)

World's Scariest Drug (35:44)

"You're in a Virtual Game": Sonia Barrett (1:18:32)

Zeitgeist Addendum (2:03:08)

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