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When PM David Cameron Addressed the UN in November 2014, he called for the formation of a committee to manage so-called "non-violent terrorists" - primarily on the Internet. I find it shocking and absurd that my educational website appears to have fallen under this category.

It's spooky. My advertising service won't speak to me, despite this site's popularity and the amount of income that I've generated for them over the years. This site used to bring in a LOT of money, with half of the amount of subscribers that it has today. And it's about to get worse.

Not satisfied with reducing the 4th Estate, (the news media) into little more than propaganda arms for the world's governments, the global oligarchy also wish to turn the Alternative Media into a never-ending slew of vapid bunk, which does nothing to open our minds to alternative thinking and towards inspiring us into making this a better world.

The imminent deployment of Google's Knowledge Vault, an Artificial Intelligence program, which is allegedly using Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook as its primary source material (and doubtless government propaganda, which, itself was formally legalized in Obama's last update of the NDAA) will gravely impact all Alternative News sites, including FKTV.

Google search rankings will no longer be based on popularity but on an Orwellian, Artificial Intelligence-based "truthiness."

The content on FKTV often deviates substantially from "truthiness."

For nearly 5 years, we have striven to keep this service free for all - but must now ask for voluntary donations from the viewers who enjoy this site.

Please click on the donation button below, which offers many different payment options and donate an amount that you feel comfortable with, whenever you can. You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate, via this button.

If you do not have a PayPal account, look toward the bottom left of the page that opens up, after you click on the button below, to follow those options:

We will also accept checks, sent to:


P.O. Box 754

Vero Beach, FL 32961


THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! Over the past month, since this crisis became fully evident and was publicly announced, I've been intensely moved to receive the many kind, loving and apppreciative letters - and checks. It makes me feel like I haven't wasted the past 5 years of my life. Thousands of people have chipped in, via PayPal or by check to ensure that I can pay the bills, while I pick up the pieces of a malicious and mysterious hit against my business.

Although many viewers have clearly expressed a willingness to pay a fee for this service, my ultimate goal would be to restore this to a free service. It was so much nicer that way.

I'm working on a longterm solution, to keep this site going - and to keep me off the street, because this site has quite literally been me, for the past 5 years. I'll be meeting with several entrepreneurs who have contacted me, lately.

The operation will have to expand beyond just myself...and the truth is, I can't keep doing everything by myself. I need a life, too. We'll just get there, one step at a time.

As soon as I've come up with a new system that covers the bills, this notice and this plea will be taken down. I could never possibly adequately thank all of you, who have chipped in so far!

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'9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous' - Al Qaeda (2:47)

'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon' - Full Documentary (45:57)

'ARISE!' (2005) (1:25:48)

'Dark Side of the Moon' - Part 5 (13:37)

'In Search of the Edge' - Full Film (25:03)

'Laughing with Hilter' - Full Film (58:32)

'Leave George Bush Alone' - Part 1 (7:06)

'Real' Reason for Invasion of Iraq? (10:15)

'Reefer Madness' (1938) - Full Film (1:08:20)

'The Atomic Cafe' - Full Film (1:25:27)

'Whisky Galore' (1949) (1:23:23)

2006: Colbert Roasts Bush (24:11)

8 People Who Have Accomplished More than You at Every Age (2:52)

Alex Gibney Documentary 'Going Clear' Propaganda (7:49)

Ali G - On Science (6:53)

An Examination of the PAUL IS DEAD Hoax (1:38:35)

Ancient Egyptian Pop Diva Given Royal Treatment (:22)

Are 'Humanzees' Possible? (2:29)

Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards for Skanks? (2:28)

Are Video Games Adequately Preparing Kids For The Post-Apocalyptic Future? (2:06)

Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power? (2:10)

Aussie Humor: If You Can't Handle Multi-F-Bombs, Do NOT Open! (3:31)

Aversion Therapy (2:47)

Being a Detective Who Talks to Ghosts (2:46)

Best Gun Fails (9:02)

Bill Hicks - On Marketing (2:43)

Bill Hicks - UFOs (3:23)

Bill Hicks on Iraq's WMD (4:54)

Bill Hicks on the Point of Life (5:08)

Bob Newhart: Stop It (6:21)

Brazilian National Anthem Parody (2:03)

Brilliant Send-Up of the Ebola Scare (6:04)

California on Sasquatch: A Not Finding Bigfoot Special (30:23)

Call Me Senator (2:13)

Cameron Russell: "Looks Aren't Everything. Believe me, I'm a Model." (9:38)

Cameron's Conference Rap (1:53)

Cannibal Mouse (2:48)

CBS' Andy Rooney: Implant Microchips in "Safe People" (2:40)

Cheetos Pet (:30)

China's Professional Trolls: the "50 Cent Brigade!" (5:33)

Congress Passes Pornographic Concealment Act (2:12)

Controversy of Jihawg Ammo (3:54)

Crazy Rulers of the World Part 2: 'Funny' Torture (56:36)

Crazy Rulers of the World Part 3: Psychic Footsoldiers (59:02)

Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs (1:21:17)

Deconfliction - Short Film (2:27)

Diane Sawyer During Commercial Break (2:48)

Disclosure 2011 (Spoof) (2:23)

Disney Geneticists Debut New Batch of Child Stars (2:40)

Don Ward: Master Shoe Shiner, Par Excellence (3:41)

Drone Spotting App (2:09)

Dumb Ways to Die in Rio (2:34)

Early '90s View of the Future (:31)

Every YouTube Video, Ever (2:14)

Exclusive Interview with God (1:10)

"Facebook is part of the CIA" "Amazing" (3:24)

FDA Approves Depressant Drug for the Annoyingly Cheerful (2:06)

Fear of a Brown Planet and Reverse Racism (2:49)

Fighting Alongside Stoned Afghan Soldiers (4:12)

Financial ‘Crisis’ in Greece (5:35)

Flashmob Recreates Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' (1:26)

Funny 1967 Film Predicts PC, Online Shopping & Email - Sort of... (1:57)

Gaza Gangnam Style (4:28)

Guys and Dolls - Full Documentary (46:54)

Hackers, Cybercrime and the War on Your Pants (3:52)

Harry Potter: Final Minutes of Last Movie to be Split Into Seven Separate Films (2:46)

Has Obama Failed to Reduce Hostility Toward Obnoxious Americans Abroad? (2:00)

Hollow Earth: Stuff They Don't Want You to Know (3:56)

Honest Political Ads: Gil Fulbright for Senate (1:18)

How America Is Like A Bad Boyfriend (2:48)

How Sexy Are The Planets? (2:00)

How to Ask Your Boss His Race (An Instructional Video) (1:31)

How to Pretend You Like that Gift (2:29)

How Will The End of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers? (2:18)

I Screen Myself (TSA Parody) (3:01)

Idiocracy - Trailer (1:40)

If Google Was a Guy (Part 3) (2:35)

Illuminatus Training Video (15:29)

Internet Time Traveler (1:16)

iPhone 5nSa (3:39)

Is it a Good Idea to Microwave a CO2 Canister? (6:20)

Is it a Good Idea to Microwave Thermite? (3:22)

Italians Show World How to Deflate Terror Propaganda (3:37)

Japanese TSA Parody (3:44)

Jet-Pack Lift Off 5,000 Feet (with Crash-Test Dummy) (9:39)

John Hodgman: Design, Explained (6:24)

K-Tel Mood Ring (:57)

Karen Hudes Exposes the Coneheads at the Heart of Global Corruption (18:55)

Know Your Mushrooms (1:12:45)

Language as a Window into Human Nature (10:54)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality (13:18)

Laurel and Hardy: Way Out West (3:00)

LEAKED: The Internet Must Go (29:59)

Leave George Bush Alone Part 2 of 2 Videos (4:25)

Leave George W Bush Alone! (1:55)

Les Misérables Parody (3:45)

Marijuana Plantation Guarded by 13 Bears and a Pot-Bellied Pig (3:46)

Marvin the Martian (1:12)

Maz Jobrani: A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar ... (7:12)

Meet Dieudonné (17:41)

Milk, and the Mutants That Love It (3:52)

Moon Landing: "Real" & "Faked" (1:46)

Most Sexy Police Pictures Calendar Prank (1:28)

NASA Johnson Style - 'Gangnam Style' Parody (3:48)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) EXPLAINED by Derren Brown (1:15)

NSA Leaker: Helping Iraq's Extremists Worth It (33:14)

Obama Caught Lip-Syncing Speech (2:30)

OK, Probably Not Bigfoots... (6:59)

Operation Everyone Talk Like a Terrorist All the Time (2:23)

Panhandler Party (3:34)

Paper Will Never Die (0:39)

Parasites Inside You (9:59)

Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone (1:49)

Police Officer Steals Marijuana... (1:26)

Political Correctness Is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism (11:56) NEW!

POV: What Every Girl Sees at a Gyno Appointment (3:17)

Predator Drone Takes The Stand (1:05)

Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun! (5:12)

Raelian Movement Wants Sexy Alien Embassy (3:40)

Remy's TSA Contest Entry (1:49)

Remy: Raise The Debt Ceiling Rap (2:21)

Report: Growing Ranks of Nouveau Poor Facing Discrimination from Old Poor (2:44)

Robot Makes Freaky "Prediction" (3:12)

Ronald Reagan Humor (12:09)

Royal Wedding: Bollywood Swings Westminster (2:10)

Russians Are Crazy? (3:20)

Santa Sessions (1:45)

Scam School: Detect Lies Like LIE TO ME! (15:51)

Scary Amusement Park Ride in Russia (3:00)

Serious vs. Solemn by John Cleese (2:09)

Shanghai Love Market (9:00)

Slaughtering Horses for Meat Could Return to US (1:09)

Sony Releases Stupid Piece of Shit that Doesn't Fucking Work (2:31)

South African Comedian Trevor Noah (8:03)

Stimulis: Because All Economies Have Performance Issues (0:54)

Stormtrooper Twerk (2:13)

Teleportation Device: Pop Haydn (14:08)

The American Dream Declared Dead as Final Believer Gives Up (3:11)

The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (4:36)

The Britishes: Stop Looking at Your Phones (3:38)

The Carpenters: Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (4:58)

The Colbert Report: Obama In Secret Space Program (5:28)

The Guy Who's Too Casual About Plans - "Whatever Works" (3:01)

The Handbook of Human Ownership (1:33:18)

The Men Who Stare at Goats - Excerpt (54:47)

The Real Jim Carey (4:35)

The Space Shuttle Era is Over (Thank God!) (2:31)

This is What Happens When You Attempt to Take Video of Police in Sweden (0:46)

Too Many Cooks (11:12)

Totally Bill Hicks: 'It's Just a Ride' (1994) (41:18)

TSA: Help Wanted (3:06)

Turd Burgers! (2:25)

Turn a Loved One into a Diamond (2:55)

U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan (2:29)

Vote The Bastards Out (4:43)

Voyage To The Planet of Prehistoric Women (1:19:36)

What Is Six Sigma? (3:30)

When Alien Abductions Go Wrong (4:50)

When Everyone on YouTube Dies (3:02)

Whites (1:38)

WikiLeaks' MasterCard Parody (1:01)

Wingsuiter Meets His Maker (0:23)

You Won't Believe This Border Patrol Checkpoint Refusal Video (1:36)

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