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According to traffic reporting site, Quantcast, of which my website has a widget installed (and which, as is the industrial norm, under-reports actual traffic by roughly 10%), the unique monthly visitors to my site amounts to 4X the amount of subscribers that I have on my emailing list.

Most of this much larger set of traffic is generated by search engine results. My webpages used to appear in the first or as one of the top results in Google searches for specific terms related to the articles on my website's 4,000+ pages. However, lately, search results have more commonly begun displaying my webpages at the bottom of the second page, which has had the effect of reducing this larger body of traffic.

My advertising service, however has been reporting and paying me for roughly half of the reported newletter traffic, which does not even include this 4X-larger body of traffic to my website. The upshot, is that, within 3 short months, my steady advertising income of almost 5 years, which enabled me to offer FKTV for free for all - has now dwindled to 1/5th of what it has been (down from 1/3rd, last month). The advertising income has comepletely fallen off a cliff, without any explanation from Google, other than to suggest that I fill in forms, using 50 words or less. I can no longer pay my basic bills, let alone the site's overhead, with my site income, as I have for almost 5 years.

It's obvious, that Google's counters are incorrect, either by their own doing or by a clandestine government cyber weapon, one of which has been written about by Glenn Greenwald, here: http://bit.ly/1qaz0Oh, as part of the leaks he received.

It is obvious that someone wants to put me out of business - and that they have been successful, insofar as destroying my current business model.

Several other Alternative Media sites have simultaneously experienced defunding, disintegration and massive channel views subtracted from their YouTube accounts.

It appears that the disturbing events that my business has experienced are part of a larger trend, aimed against the Alternative Media, in general.

Over the past several weeks, since this crisis became fully evident and was publicly announced, I've been intensely moved to receive the many kind, loving and appreciative letters - and checks. It makes me feel like I haven't wasted the past 5 years of my life. I am applying this money to migrating my website offshore, onto a secure VPN network. I will also physically move my actual person outside of the United States, as these events have left me feeling that I am personally not safe in this country.

During this transition of moving to another country, I won't have much time to find an alternative way to finance the site, as I'm also in the middle of releasing a feature film that I produced. I will probably have no choice but to rely on small recurring monthly donations, to keep this site going.

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The American Parasite: 250 Million Americans Infected

You Can "Poo-Poo" this Topic all You Want!

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Eat Probiotics, Like Pickles, Olives,
Sauerkraut, Kefir Yogurts,
Anything with Active Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

Alexandra Bruce
January 18, 2014

You can "poo-poo" this topic all you want, but if you don't take the proper actions, to ensure the health of your gut, you will open yourself to chronic conditions, such as arthritis, which are incurable. Prevention is the best medicine!

This cleverly hand-drawn animation, created by an MD, is not selling any products, but he is advocating that you incorporate more probiotic foods in your diet, such as pickles, olives, sauerkraut, kefir yogurts - or any other yogurts with high counts of *active* lactobacillus bulgaricus.

If you don't like these foods or otherwise don't see a way to incorporate them into your regular diet, he advises you to take these active probiotics in capsule form. These friendly "fauna" will balance out the nasty "flora" of candida, which is a silent army of bad little critters in your digestive tract, that gives you food cravings to feed itself with things that are bad for YOU.

Not only does this video get into the wide-ranging medical and behavioral effects of not properly managing the health of the largest internal organ of your body, it also gets into the industrial and political history and back-handed deals, which have led to our modern diet, which makes us fatigued, malnourished - and yet obese.

Candida is parasite that uses your body as its personal feeding ground, taking over first your stomach, then your entire gastrointestinal tract, forcing you to crave the foods it wants...while slowly destroying your body from the inside out.

Governments are finally admitting that this is real. Measures have been proposed in New York and the country of Mexico to try and stop it.

People hated New York City's Mayor Bloomberg's failed ban on the sale of soft drinks (containing less than 70% natural juice) in portions of over 16 oz. Although the manner in which he went about enforcing laws around this was far from ideal, he was right that you shouldn't be drinking this stuff. In fact, Bloomberg's position was far more moderate than that of a Dutch politician, who has proposed that sugar become a controlled substance, like all others that are known to be addictive.

I don't think that it is up to any state to enforce how much soda we drink. I think it is up to each individual to become informed about the hazards to their health, lurking on every food shelf and to care for oneself accordingly - or else, suffer the consequences...

See the whole video at:

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