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'2020 The Fall of Islamic States & The Rise of a New Political Order' (10:30)

'A Farm for the Future' - Full Film (48:39)

'Collapse' - Full Film (1:36:02)

'Garbage Warrior' - Full Length Documentary (1:27:41)

'Into Eternity' (1:15:33)

'Logan's Run': Carrousel Scene (4:39)

'Soylent Green' - Trailer (3:26)

'Space Wars' (45:02)

'The Fountainhead' - Full Film (1:52:33)

'The Intelligence Revolution' - Full Film (55:04)

'Timothy Leary: The Man Who Turned on America' - Full Film (49:06)

'Transcendent Man: Prepare to Evolve' - Segment from Documentary (40:01)

1 Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres (2:54)

1960: A Vision of the Future, by Arthur C. Clarke (6:09)

1GiantMind - Intro (3:40)

2045: A New Era for Humanity (7:15)

A Country with No Water: Fahad Al-Attiya (8:47)

ARGUS: World's Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Platform by DARPA (4:41)

Brand Killer (:55)

By Changing the Story, We Change Our World… (7:40)

Call the Cops (3:32)

China's Ghost Cities (14:38)

David Icke: The Lion Sleeps No More - Part 1 of 4 (1:37:49)

Deagel.com: Site Projecting Massive US Depopulation Bans Viewers! (3:28)

Dense Plasma Fusion (DPF) - Animation (1:45)

Did Philip K. Dick Disclose the Real "Matrix" in 1977? (4:46)

Early '90s View of the Future (:31)

Earth Days (1:51:08)

Egypt's Future President? (2:50)

First Commercially-Available Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer (2:17)

Fix the World Organization with HopeGirl and Co. (1:13:25)

Focus Fusion: The Fastest Route to Cheap, Clean Energy (1:04:06)

From Guns to Pastries: How 3D Printing Will Change the Way We Make Practically Everything (7:21)

From Humanism to Trans-Humanism (22:22)

Funny 1967 Film Predicts PC, Online Shopping & Email - Sort of... (1:57)

Go 4,000 MPH: New York to Beijing in 2 Hrs (6:50)

Google Burger (6:06)

Graphene is About to Change Everything! (4:49)

Graphene: 200 Times Stronger than Steel (2:07)

Hans Rosling: The Joy of Stats (4:48)

Holistic Planned Grazing (3:25)

How to Change the World (4:01)

HUMANS into ROBOTS with Chemtrails, SmartMeters, HAARP, Reproducing in Candida (6:30)

Humans Need Not Apply (15:01)

Information Liberated: How Digital Media Subverts Government Power (5:59)

Inside the Garbage of the World (1:19:43)

Internet Rising: {edu-info-tainment} (53:03)

Internet Time Traveler (1:16)

Jason Silva: Imagination (3:34)

Keshe Plasma Reactor for Clean Energy, Nuclear Decontamination and Space Travel (6:12)

Larry Page: Where's Google Going Next? (23:31)

Marc Goodman: A Vision of Crimes in the Future (19:26)

Michio Kaku on the Space Elevator (2:05)

Nanofactory Movie (4:51)

NASA: Abundant Clean Energy (2:49)

Nature Is Speaking: Julia Roberts (1:58)

Neil deGrasse Tyson: We Stopped Dreaming - Part 1 (5:20)

New Technology Drives Car by Metal, Air and Water (5:01)

Nikola Tesla: Great Minds (9:14)

Nikola Tesla: Wardenclyffe Tower (5:01)

Planet Ant: Life Inside the Colony (1:28:47)

Protecting Marijuana's $2.7 Billion Cash Industry When Banks Won't (4:48)

Reinventing the Battery (15:15)

Rocketship X-M (1950) - Full Movie (1:17:28)

Science and Responsibility, Colbert and Tyson (1:24:42)

Shadow Operations: The Mars Project (45:06)

Singularity or Bust (47:15)

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways! (7:00)

Soylent: Life After Food (23:55)

Stem Cell Google Burgers! (6:05)

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing (56:25)

Supernatural Science: Secrets of Levitation (51:22)

Surviving the Singularity: Top 3 Supplements (:58)

The Logistics of Getting Man to Mars (1:59)

The Machine that Changed the World: 2. Inventing the Future (1992) (57:29)

The Neuro Revolution (18:53)

The P-791 (3:22)

The Planet Hunter (3:08)

The Power of Outrospection and Empathy (10:29)

The Strange New World of Nanoscience (17:28)

The World View Experience (2:08)

This Flying Car is Real and it Can Fly 430 Miles on a Full Tank (3:53)

UFOTV Presents: Alternative 3 - Mars Coverup Exposed (36:12)

UFOTV Presents: The Message of the Pleiadians (33:51)

UK's Sabre Rocket Engine Could Open Up Access to Space, as Never Before (1:21)

Ulterior States: An IamSatoshi Production (52:54) NEW!

We Are From the Future (7:14)

Web Bots: Trends for July through October 2014 and Beyond (1:12:53)

Why the Future is Better than You Think (15:33)

Wisdom of the Wayshowers - Trailer (5:45)

World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes on the Criminal Banking Cartels and How to Stop Them (41:24)

ZENN Car: Zero Emissions, No Noise Car (5:42)

‘Will Work For Free’ (2013) (2:06:35)

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