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For nearly 5 years, we have striven to keep this service free for all - but must now ask for voluntary donations from the viewers who enjoy this site.

According to my mass-emailing service, I receive an average of 20,000 page views per day, sometimes much more but usually not much less. This is the traffic which I receive from subscribers of my newsletter and to whomever they may forward my newsletters.

According to traffic reporting site, Quantcast, of which my website has a widget installed (and which, as is the industrial norm, under-reports actual traffic by roughly 10%), the unique monthly visitors to my site amounts to 4X the amount of subscribers that I have on my emailing list.

Most of this much larger set of traffic is generated by search engine results. My webpages used to appear in the first or as one of the top results in Google searches for specific terms related to the articles on my website's 4,000+ pages. However, lately, search results have more commonly begun displaying my webpages at the bottom of the second page, which has had the effect of reducing this larger body of traffic.

My advertising service, however has been reporting and paying me for roughly half of the reported newletter traffic, which does not even include this 4X-larger body of traffic to my website. The upshot, is that, within 3 short months, my steady advertising income of almost 5 years, which enabled me to offer FKTV for free for all - has now dwindled to 1/5th of what it has been (down from 1/3rd, last month). The advertising income has comepletely fallen off a cliff, without any explanation from Google, other than to suggest that I fill in forms, using 50 words or less. I can no longer pay my basic bills, let alone the site's overhead, with my site income, as I have for almost 5 years.

It's obvious, that Google's counters are incorrect, either by their own doing or by a clandestine government cyber weapon, one of which has been written about by Glenn Greenwald, here: http://bit.ly/1qaz0Oh, as part of the leaks he received.

It is obvious that someone wants to put me out of business - and that they have been successful, insofar as destroying my current business model.

Several other Alternative Media sites have simultaneously experienced defunding, disintegration and massive channel views subtracted from their YouTube accounts.

It appears that the disturbing events that my business has experienced are part of a larger trend, aimed against the Alternative Media, in general.

Over the past several weeks, since this crisis became fully evident and was publicly announced, I've been intensely moved to receive the many kind, loving and appreciative letters - and checks. It makes me feel like I haven't wasted the past 5 years of my life. I am applying this money to migrating my website offshore, onto a secure VPN network. I will also physically move my actual person outside of the United States, as these events have left me feeling that I am personally not safe in this country.

During this transition of moving to another country, I won't have much time to find an alternative way to finance the site, as I'm also in the middle of releasing a feature film that I produced. I will probably have no choice but to rely on small recurring monthly donations, to keep this site going.

If you like this site and want to see it continue to exist, please click on the donation button below, which offers many different payment options and donate an amount that you feel comfortable with, whenever you can. You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate, via this button.

If you do not have a PayPal account, look toward the bottom left of the page that opens up, after you click on the button below, to follow those options:

We will also accept checks, sent to:


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P.S. I cannot ever possibly adequately thank all of you, who have chipped in so far!

Stay tuned - I will be adding Bitcoin and other methods of contribution, soon!

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'Black Friday': Madness of a Lost Society (3:59)

'Capitalism Is The Crisis' (2011) - Documentary Film (1:39:45)

'Collapse' - Full Film (1:36:02)

'Collapse: Michael Ruppert' - Trailer (2:03)

'College Conspiracy': Independent Film (1:02:47)

'Death of the Dollar Menu' (5:42)

'Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill' - Full Film (1:28:52)

'I Am Not Moving: Occupy Wall Street' - Short Film (7:12)

'Lightbulb Conspiracy' - Trailer (2:23)

'Money As Debt II: Promises Unleashed' - Full (1:17:29)

'On Modern Servitude' -Part of Documentary Film (8:47)

'Preparing For Peak Oil' (5:49)

'Real Estate 4 Ransom' (39:48)

'The Coming Insurrection' - Book on Anarchy (5:48)

'The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion & the Collapse of The American Dream' - Short Version of Documentary Film (51:44)

'The One Percent' - Full Film (1:16:29)

'The Perfect Storm UK Riots Documentary' (29:12)

'The Story of Stuff' (9:50)

'Zombies: A Living History' - Full Documentary (1:27:20)

7 Steps To Survive The Coming Economic Collapse From Water Shortage to Cannibalism (1:59)

Ai Weiwei: Without Fear or Favor (50:58)

Alien Abduction and Environmental Crisis (1:03:51)

America is Falling Apart (18:21)

Ancient Apocalypse: The Maya Collapse (45:35)

Aquarius: The Undersea Laboratory (4:23)

Argentina's Economic Collapse (2003) (1:54:07)

Banker 'Suicide' Body Count Rising. Why? (9:20)

Banksters - William Black Tells the Real Truth (8:06)

Bill Black: Prosecute Bank Fraud (9:38)

BLACK FLAG U.S.A. (1:13:08)

Bradley Manning Audio Leak (1:07:49)

Breaking: News Corp Scandal Grows (3:11)

Bullets, Lots of Bullets (44:58)

Catastrophic Outcomes May Come Faster than Expected: James Rickards (34:57)

Catherine Austin Fitts: Major Turning Point Comes this Fall (3:56) NEW!

Chemical Hypocrisy: Lies and Disinformation on the Road to War (5:12)

China's Ghost Cities (14:38)

Chinese Fighter Jet Buzzed US Navy Surveillance Plane (2:54)

Chris Hedges: Calling All Rebels! (34:39)

Civil War And The Litmus Test - "Will you shoot Americans?" (10:29)

Corporate Fascism: The Destruction of America's Middle Class (1:41:52)

David Icke: America Being Used to Destroy America, to Bring in a New World Order (9:49)

DHS Whistleblower Censored from 60 Minutes (19:13)

Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty - Top 5 Places Where Not To Be (13:09)

Election Year Economics (4:28)

Empty Store Shelves Coming to America (6:14)

END:CIV Resist or Die (1:14:56)

Escaping from Suburbia (6:45)

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary (1:38:54)

Generals Fired-Missing Nukes (16:22)

Geoengineering: The Most Important Topic of Our Time (46:03)

George Noory w/ Alex Jones: People Don't Trust Gov't Anymore (42:30)

Glenn Greenwald on Goldman Sachs (2:00)

GMO Mind Control & Nanotechnology (1:41:44)

Gray State: The Rise - Rough Cut (2:39:05)

Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists (2:29)

Hayward’s Moving Castle (11:38)

HIV/AIDS: 'House of Numbers' - Full Film (1:29:11)

How Its Made: The 2 Euro Coin (5:16)

How Money is Created: Ben Dyson Explains the Debt Crisis (19:46)

How the Banksters Won (43:59)

How the West Went Bust Part 1 (59:15)

I Hope I Am Crazy (44:46)

I Lost My Job (37:58)

Inside San Jose's Tent City (6:53)

International Confidence in US Economy ‘Crumbling’ After Snowden Leaks (4:43)

Jared Diamond: Why Societies Collapse (19:48)

John Perkins: We Screwed Up -- But We Can Fix It (22:42)

Joseph Kony and His Troops: Exclusive Interview (7:39)

Keiser Report: Fake-It-Til-You-Make-It Economy (E401) (25:45)

Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in US (3:37)

Life in Mexico, Bitcoin and Anarchapulco: Jeff Berwick on the Keiser Report (12:16)

MAN (3:37)

Mass Extinctions (10:26)

NDAA on Steroids: Ebola Death Camps (6:28)

Network: "I'm as Mad as Hell" Speech (5:00)

Niall Ferguson: The Ascent of Money (4:00:15)

Nuclear Engineer: Japan's PM "Lying to the Japanese People" (7:01)

Obama Pokes Fun At Billionaire Republican Sheldon Adelson (0:59)

Oil, Smoke & Mirrors (1:06:29)

Operation Compliance: Detroit's War on Small Business (5:17)

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (46:22)

Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis (1:30:57)

Police State Too Much? Send in a Marine! (3:50)

Project Camelot: Interview with Karen Hudes: World Bank Whistle-Blower (1:56:21)

Prophets of Doom (1:30:00)

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street (47:49)

Rogue US Military Groups Capable of Deploying Nukes (4:24)

Ron Paul's Message to Occupy Wall Street (9:59)

Science Under Attack (59:39)

Smile or Die (10:23)

Sprawling from Grace: The Consequences of Suburbanization (1:21:59)

Survival Map in Case of Economic Collapse (5:59)

Surviving Progress - Trailer (1:59)

Targeting Doomsday Preppers: Interview with Fernando Salguero (8:20)

Tea Party Founder Karl Denninger Backs #OccupyWallStreet (8:56)

The Black Swan is on the Wing: Message from Oz (0:00)

The Crisis of Credit Visualized (11:10)

The Dissolution of the West - Paul Craig Roberts (10:53)

The Greatest Scam on Earth? (9:37)

The Party's Over: How the West Went Bust Part 2 (59:20)

The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Oligarchs - Part 1 (50:34)

The True Goal of the New World Order (6:57)

The True Story of The Bretton Woods (38:17)

The War Against Unions (10:20)

The World Crashers - Part 1 (44:58)

The World Crashers - Part 2 (44:55)

The World Crashers - Part 3 (45:00)

The World Crashers - Part 4 (45:21)

There Will Be No Economic Recovery. Prepare Yourself Accordingly. (59:01)

Ukraine-Crimea Update, US Will Self-Destruct in Near Future: Dmitry Orlov (18:13)

US Treasury Desperate to Raise Cash Before Economic Collapse (9:48)

USA Wake Up (4:50)

Veteran Hero of Occupy Wall Street (6:04)

Videogames Hacked, Books Censored and Knockout Gas (14:52)

What Is Six Sigma? (3:30)

What Really Hit the Pentagon on 9/11? (9:01)

Who Wins the Battle over Ukraine? (24:17)

Why Are Corrections Officers Guarding this Abandoned Prison? (3:33)

World Bank Creating Poverty (7:34)

World War I and the Federal Reserve (18:44)

Zeitgeist Addendum (2:03:08)

‘We Just Want to Hone Our Skills:’ Army on Jade Helm 15 Military Exercises (2:04)

‘Will Work For Free’ (2013) (2:06:35) NEW!

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