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Not satisfied with reducing the 4th Estate, (the news media) into little more than propaganda arms for the world's governments, the global oligarchy also wish to turn the Alternative Media into a never-ending slew of vapid bunk, which does nothing to open our minds to alternative thinking and towards inspiring us into making this a better world.

The imminent deployment of Google's Knowledge Vault, an Artificial Intelligence program, which is allegedly using Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook as its primary source material (and doubtless government propaganda, which, itself was formally legalized in Obama's last update of the NDAA) will gravely impact all Alternative News sites, including FKTV.

Google search rankings will no longer be based on popularity but on an Orwellian, Artificial Intelligence-based "truthiness."

The content on FKTV often deviates substantially from "truthiness."

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Snow that Won't Melt?!?

Fake Snow Being Reported
All Over the US

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The Snow Depicted is from
the Alabama Area

Alexandra Bruce
January 30, 2014




The original video posted here by an Alabama woman has subsequently been blocked - so it's now replaced with another video by a man in Michigan, who takes a blow torch to a piece of packed snow...to the results you will see. Being from Michigan, he would know what snow is...

I had literally thousands of similar videos to choose from. Either this is a mass hysteria event or there is something to this...

If the snowfall throughout the Southeast doesn't liquefy - and if it really is made out of evil "nanobots", as alleged by some, I suppose we'll find out, soon enough!

So far, the most interesting phenomenon around this hysteria of "non-melting" snow has been the behavior of the people, rather than the snow, itself...


As we all know by now, the Deep South of the US was blanketed in a highly unusual event, which led to traffic jams, lasting for over 36 hours, in some areas.

There are many other videos on YouTube, showing the snowfall which blanketed the Southern States of the US, causing epic traffic jams and now-famously been paraded around the national news as a complete failure of the City of Atlanta, Georgia, among others.

I have seen several such videos but I chose this one, as the most succinct and scientifically-produced.

On closer examination, this "snow" does not appear melt (why may have largely contributed to these epic traffic jams) and when held up against a flame, this snow burns like styrofoam and turns black. I have now seen many YouTube users attempting to debunk this effect, only to achieve the exact same results.

Something is definitely awry, here. We need an immediate analysis of the substances that comprise this "phony snow" and if this isn't the most gigantic chemtrail dump in history, the I don't know what is.

My heart goes out to all of you in the affected area and I hope we get to the bottom of this mystery as soon as possible.


These are the Uploader comments:

I seen a video of a lady doing this same thing and I wanted to test it for myself. I wanted a "control" which was my ice cube from the freezer verse the snow...

The ice cube melts and forms a drop of water after just 2 seconds. The ice/snow didn't at all and I held it over a fire for well over 6 seconds, although I moved to another location to test it...it yielded the same results!

No water on my table top like the ice cube (from the freezer) what was just sitting there melting on the table! The snow/ice melted into itself and that is NOT, as you could see from the ice cube, how ice should act over a flame..... Test this yourself!

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