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Bigfoot & Cryptozoology


'Alien Harvest: Cattle Mutilation' - Full Film (44:43)

'Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster' (1976) Full Film (1:30:43)

'Playing God' (2012) - Full Film (59:02)

'The Legend of Bigfoot' (1976)' (1:14:36)

'The Truth Behind the Loch Ness Monster' - Full Film (53:50)

20 Mysterious Photos that Should Not Exist (9:12)

Ancient Giants Existed and Here is the Proof (22:00)

Bigfoot Caught on Tape in Canada (2:16)

Bigfoot In China - Documentary (44:56)

Bigfoot is Real: Compelling Evidence Part 1 (8:36)

Bigfoot is Real: Compelling Evidence Part 2 (8:09)

California on Sasquatch: A Not Finding Bigfoot Special (30:23)

Cattle Mutilations (43:36)

"Conehead" Skulls Found in Egypt, Mexico, Peru & Siberia (9:18)

Dr. Bigfoot (6:39)

El Chupacabra: Hyena, Kangaroo Hybrids & More (7:57)

Finding Bigfoot- Chasing Bigfoot at Night (3:59)

Giants: The Mystery and the Myth (50:32)

Hidden History: Sasquatch (3:28)

HP Lovecraft: 'Fear of the Unknown' (2008) (1:29:21)

Is This a "House Robin" or Elf of Fairy Tales or a Living Ati-Type "Alien"? (0:54)

Living Dinosaurs? Stuff they Don't Want You to Know (3:30)

Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska (43:02)

Mysterious Deaths at Dyatlov Pass (5:09)

Nephilim: True Story of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, etc. (1:54:56)

OK, Probably Not Bigfoots... (6:59)

"One-Eye" Monster (1:34)

"Rods": Mysterious Sky Creatures or Just Bugs? (6:03)

"Sasquatch: Taboo Subject" (14:08)

Strange Japanese Sea Creatures (1:59)

The Last Living Neanderthal (45:50)

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