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Big Oil


'A Doorway to Persia' (20:29)

'A Farm for the Future' - Full Film (48:39)

'Black Giant' - Full Film (53:06)

'Collapse: Michael Ruppert' - Trailer (2:03)

'Crude Diplomacy' - Full Film (52:59)

'Empires of Oil' - Full Film (53:00)

'Ethanol is Evil' (Joke) (2:18)

'GasHole' - Official Trailer (2:08)

'Gasland' Director, Josh Fox Arrested at Congressional Hearing on "Fracking" (11:41)

'Hemp for Victory' (1942) (13:46)

'Lockerbie: Case Closed' (?) - Full Film (47:43)

'New Order of Oil' - Full Film (53:43)

'Our Plan' - Full Film (53:03)

'Plastic Planet' - Full Film (1:35:03)

'Preparing For Peak Oil' (5:49)

'The Darker Side of 9/11 & the French Connection' (15:00)

'The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion & the Collapse of The American Dream' - Short Version of Documentary Film (51:44)

'The Forgotten Man': Bradley Manning - Trailer (5:05)

'THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?' (3:40)

'War and Oil' - Full Film (53:02)

'Stop the Megaloads Now!' The Alberta Tarpits Abomination (6:31)

A Brief History of Alcohol Fuel & Gasoline (4:22)

A Car that Runs 200 Miles on Compressed Air (3:24)

Abby Martin's Personal Tribute to Investigative Journalist Michael C. Ruppert (5:08) NEW!

"Alcohol Can Be a Gas!": Ethanol Expert David Blume Interviewed on KPTV Portland (5:25)

Alert: All New Yorkers: Fracking Moratorium Expires on June 29, 2011 (4:30)

Baptist Minister in Alaska Says there is Over 200 Years' Worth of Oil in the North Slope (9:33)

BBC: Al Qaeda Does Not Exist (10:12)

Black Tears: The Oiling of the Gulf of Mexico (3:09)

BP Blow-Out: Caused by Laser Weapon? (5:45)

BP Oil Spill Victims Dying: Corexit Kills (4:16)

BP Spill: Gulf Loop Current Changing (9:44)

Chemical Hypocrisy: Lies and Disinformation on the Road to War (5:12)

CIA Admits Staging Iran Coup in 1953 (4:59)

Color Revolutions (4:27)

Colorado Fracking Site Flooding (4:20)

Damaged Gulf Stream Is Affecting Jet Stream: Global Abnormalities in Weather (22:14)

Deceptions - Full Film (58:11)

Dennis Kucinich: US an 'Orwellian State', Drones, GMOs, Holding Bush Accountable (12:39)

Dr. Dan Nocera's Energy From Water & Sunlight: The Story Behind the Discovery (10:13)

Dr. Robert Willner Injects Himself with HIV (Long) (1:13:37)

Dr. Steven Greer Interview by Project Camelot (1:11:26)

Escaping from Suburbia (6:45)

Fire Extinguishing Properties of Pure Power Encapsulators (1:04)

Flashback: Lake Peigneur Sinkhole Disaster (9:54)

Former House Speaker Gingrich Calls for Nuclear Scientists' Assassinations (2:22)

Fracking Hell (17:53)

Free Energy: Memoirs of a Madman (6:55)

G. Edward Griffin: A World Without Cancer (55:14)

Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists (2:29)

Have Oil Companies Suppressed Technology? (4:24)

Hemp 0001 (9:57)

Hemp Car - Hemp Clothes - Hemp Building (5:24)

Hillary Clinton Admits that the CFR Runs the USA (1:30)

History of the Iranian Revolution - Full Film (54:59)

Huge Pro-Gaddafi Rally in Tripoli - Raw Footage (1:47)

Inside Big Fracking (2:36)

Jesse Ventura on Iran and UN Gun Control (15:13)

Libya: The Real Truth Behind U.S./NATO War of Aggression (5:42)

Mandatory Evacuation of Los Alamos, NM Wildfire Threatens 1.7m Tons of Nuclear Waste (2:02)

Military Officers for 911 Truth Lt. Col. Robert M. Bowman PhD. (12:20)

MIT: Cleaning Up Oil Spills with Magnets (2:34)

Natural Gas Drilling: Earthquake Danger (3:31)

"Oil Rain" Confirmed: NASA Chief Mission Scientist (10:00)

OPEC: 'The Tinderbox' - Full Film (52:57)

Operation Ajax (9:48)

Petraeus & the Near-Miss Coup (4:11)

Poison Fire: Gas and Oil Abuse in Nigeria (28:40)

Policy Changes of 6/1/01 Directly Enabled Attacks on 9/11/01 (25:13)

Prohibition Act Passed to Stop Alcohol from Competing with the New Petroleum Industry (5:56)

"Really Alarming": No Baby Oysters in Louisiana's Most Productive Areas (2:49)

Recovering Oil from Coal & Tar Sands In Ice Water (5:25)

Recovering Oil from Coal & Tar Sands In Ice Water (5:25)

Rense Radio: Google, HAARP & the Hunt for Your DNA (14:46)

Report: The Pacific's 'Garbage Island' (4:04)

Scientist: "Gulf Loop Current is Broken": Mini Ice Age Predicted for Europe (4:41)

Syrian Invasion Planned 10 Years in Advance (4:29)

The Coconut Revolution (2001) (52:32)

The Gulf Blue Plague (4:08)

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (53:06)

The Real Green Garage (3:51)

The Truth Behind the Energy Lie: What the Energy Cartels Don't Want You to See (1:08:50)

U.S. Openly Accepts Bin Laden Long Dead (4:35)

US Covert Support for Libyan rebels (2:47)

"Very Disturbing findings" in Chemical Tests of Gulf Residents (3:25)

Will Hunting: "Why Shouldn't I Join the NSA?" (2:41)

World War III Denial (4:56)

WWIII Is Coming Soon & Here's Why!? (13:49)

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