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'Before The Music Dies': Music Industry Crisis (13/13) (9:03)

'Murmuration' - Mind-Boggling Flocking Behavior of Starlings (2:03)

'Pleiades' (4:25)

'Space Oddity' Performed by Commander Chris Hadfield (5:31)

A Grain of Sand (1:13:19)

A Grain of Sand: Brendon Grimshaw (1:13:19)

A New Age of Analogue (5:31) NEW!

Aerialist Seanna Sharpe 285ft. Over The Williamsburg Bridge (8:43)

Ai Weiwei's First Major US Show Has Everything but the Dissident Artist Himself (5:48)

Ai Weiwei: Without Fear or Favor (50:58)

Amelymeloptical Illusion (2:11) NEW!

Aurora Borealis 2013-03-17 (3:11)

Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story - the Making of the Models (2:56)

Cale Sampson: The Truth Is (4:21)

Cool Art at Expo in Miami 2014 (1:20)

Dance of 1,000 Hands (5:55)

Dare to Be Brazilian (1:31)

Diving Giraffes (5:28)

Flashmob Recreates Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' (1:26)

Freedom - Are you a Freedom-Seeker? (Full Movie) (1:12:01)

Gabriel Bruce - Perfect Weather (3:43)

Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' Played by 9 Year Old On a Harmonica! (8:21)

Happy Year of the Snake: Remarkable Calligraphy (2:19)

How Music Works with Howard Goodall (47:23)

Ice Age Art (6:41)

Impressionism: Revenge of the Nice (1:41:26)

Jean-Claude Van Damme: The Epic Split (1:17)

Light Darkness and Colors: A fascinating Journey Through the Universe of Colors (51:16)

Lip Dub Lincoln (9:01)

MIT Glass Lab: Where Art Meets Science (6:23)

Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (2:30)

Nikola Tesla: Wardenclyffe Tower (5:01) NEW!

Nuclear Testing Timelapse Map (7:13)

Silhouettes of the Moon (3:45)

Sprawling from Grace: The Consequences of Suburbanization (1:21:59)

Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy (59:08)

Stop Consuming!!! (2:09)

Sue Austin: Deep Sea Diving...In a Wheelchair (9:39)

SUPPRESSED: New Evidence of Early Man (1:25:26)

The Art of Dam Removal (21:45)

The Door is Evolving (0:35)

The Harmonica Man (1:18)

The Power of Punk Art (4:33)

The Sun: Art Meets Science (2:33)

The World Sends Us Garbage: We Send Back Music (3:28)

Welcome to the Apocalypse... (4:03)

Why Beauty Matters (58:59)

World's Top 3 Humanoid Robots (9:11)

You Get What You Pay For (6:50)

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